Teleconference 2021-08-04

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Attendees: Ken Moreland (ORNL), Roxana Bujack (LANL), Ollie Lo (LANL), Silvio Rizzi (ANL), Terry Turton (LANL), Mark Bolstad (SNL), Hank Childs (UO), Dave Pugmire (ORNL), Abishek Yenpure (UO), Nick Davis (SNL)

ECP Updates

  • KPP-3 strategy reporting
  • Let's think about possible highlights
    • App engagement
    • Success with porting (e.g. run on Aurora)
    • Engagement with other ST teams (e.g. using Kokkos)
    • WDM
      • Submitted highlight on integration with EFFIS
      • Expect to submit another highlight when used in a big run
    • Possible highlight slide on particle advection with WarpX (Matt)

Porting Activities

ECP task updates

ECP/VTK-m Project Management


Update on Git LFS.

Has anyone been looking at compiling both VTK-m and Ascent over Kokkos? We have had to do some special things under CUDA, and we might expect there to be some integration issues under Kokkos and its various backends as well.

There is a problem with the latest version of Kokkos. There are somehow forcing CMake to use their nvcc wrapper, which is screwing everything up. We need to engage the Kokkos team for this.

Filter redesign requirements:

Matt working on WarpX highlight.

Rename master branch?

  • Need to wait for some changes to git before the transition (for some automated features of repo).
  • Can we for a time have a master that mirrors the new default?
    • Don't know, but seems possible. Will have to look into that.