Version 1.0 ToDo List

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The following is a list of features collected in the months before the VTK-m 1.0 release that are on the short path to be completed.

Feature Status
Settling of the core interface Other than little things and filters, the core interface is pretty well set.
  • Rob has a question about the "dimensionality" of the cell sets. That is supposed to be the topological dimensions of the cells. This would require all the cells having the same dimensionality, which is not really being honored. This is causing some problems. Jeremy and Rob need talk about this.
    • The latest thought was to have a flag that states a mixed dimensionality flag.
    • The latest latest thought that there are not a lot of "pros" for dimensionality. Jeremy has an action item to remove it.
Standardization of "filters" Done
Support worklet operations that are not one-to-one output Done
Basic file I/O Done.
Basic rendering
  • Checked in with support from OSMesa (required).
  • An EGL implementation is on its way, but probably won't be official in the 1.0 release. The problem is that it relies on a change in GLEW that has not been released yet.
  • Dave created a glut example. To be merged to master.
Clean up Doxygen Need to get documentation syncing nightly. Chuck looking into this.
User's Guide Behind. Trying to catch up. Making some progress.
Green dashboard
  • Updated dashboard CUDA cards.
    • Memory issues no longer there.
    • There is currently an issue with CUDA 7.5 and newer cards. It is a known bug with Thrust/CUB.
Prototype VTK/ParaView/VisIt integration

(Technically not part of the release, but should indicate we have viable components.)

  • Eric Brugger has made some progress on integrating VTK-m into VisIt. He has an initial implementation and it is working pretty well so far. He has lately added further cell type support (particularly unstructured grids).
  • Rob working on VTK/VTK-m filter integration. Can now move data between VTK and VTK-m